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  • A Waku Guide: How to meal prep

    A Waku Guide: How to meal prep

    Meal prepping is a very useful task that will help you maintain a balanced and organized eating schedule by preparing your meals ahead of time. Not only will this save you a lot of time in the future, it will also keep you on track with your diet goals by thinking ahead of time what you should eat and not what is easier or faster to make at the moment.

    Having pre-cooked meals can also reduce portion size and help balance your stress eating, plus your drive to eat easy, fast or frozen foods that contain way too much preservatives. By doing this, you will avoid unhealthy options that pop up especially when you are overwhelmed or very tired. In the long run, meal prepping will lead to more nutritious meal choices.

    There are different ways to meal prep and you can find the one that suits your lifestyle best. On this occasion, Waku wants to share with you these methods, hacks and tips so that you can get started on your very own meal prepping journey, and make the most of it to stay on track with your health and wellness goals!