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Wellness Tea

Brings Balance like Kombucha - Tastes Way Better.

Brewed with 20 super herbs and flowers

A perfectly crafted mix from the Andes Mountains of Ecuador

Amazing and refreshing taste

The perfect combination that is both healthy and tasty

Supports Digestive Health

The medicinal properties of our herbs soothe the body and the digestive system

Ancient Andean Recipe

One of the most popular drinks from Ecuador, consumed for centuries to support digestive health

About Us

Who we are

Ethically Sourced from Ecuador

We source all of our ingredients directly from independent farmers in Chuquiribamba, Ecuador

Functional Products

Our wellness teas support digestive health

Our wellness teas support digestive health

All our ingredients are organic and and are carefully selected, we never use concentrates or artificial ingredients. Our wellness teas are directly brewed.

Great Taste

The best tasting healthy drink you will find

Wellness Tea

20 super herbs and aromatic flowers sourced from the Andes Mountains in Ecuador

Each herb is 100% organic, carefully selected, and hand picked - it´s their high quality, stunning colors, and exquisite aroma that make Waku unique

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Waku has a unique flavor, I always finish the whole bottle in a few gulps. 10/10 would drink everyday



Found out about Waku through a friend. Have been addicted to it ever since; its unique blend of herbs creates a delicate and rich taste that will grow on you very quickly. Love it love it!



I love this drink! Its unique taste is so light and refreshing. I can’t wait for more!