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The Purest

All-natural ingredients. Never from concentrates or artificial stuff.

Low/No Sugar.
All the flavor

Waku has 0-9gm natural cane sugar maximum per bottle and no artificial sweeteners.

Supports a
healthy Gut

A powerful blend of anti-inflammatory botanicals that will soothe your gut.

Hundreds of
5-Star Reviews

People loves Waku! (and we love them!)


Ethically Sourced
from Ecuador

We source our ingredients directly from small-holder farmers in Ecuador.

4.5 star rating 464 Reviews

People love Waku

(and we love them too!)

We're committed to create the best tasting gut health drinks you'll find. Every bottle we make is thoughtfully formulated with the best quality ingredients to keep your gut healthy and happy.

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Tasty! A healthy treat

Our neighbors shared the Ginger Lemongrass drink. Fortunately they gave us enough for your whole family since we all loved it! Ordered a variety pack and more Ginger Lemongrass. Can't wait to taste them all.

Kristen M
Love Waku drinks so much!

Not only do they have a subtle flavor, but it's also light and very refreshing. They have 0 calories and 20 super herbs and flowers. I really love that it focuses on gut health.

Veronica B
I love it!

The shipments always comes on time. I always start my days with one bottle with my breakfast or without breakfast when I'm running and it keeps me full and satistfied until luch.

Colgahn C.
Great drinks

So mouthwateringly good Great drinks so mouthwateringly good and healthy I love them!

Agwe Berkeley
Great tasting product!

I am enjoying Waku tea very smooth and nice tasting, great product.

Vivian Morgan
Refreshing and light

A favorite on the menu everyday! I didn't think they would go so fast!

Stephanie Bitticks
Great for gut health.

I will be buying again. I bought this for gut health and it really works. I also drank it during my cycle when my cramps were at the worst and it helped with the pain. Amazing stuff.

Rachel Kelley
Fantastic Flavors

I've never had a drink quite like Waku. The thing I really loved about this beverage is the different blends of flavors. Very unique!


Waku is a deliciously refreshing herbal tea, packed with powerful botanicals with anti-imflammatory benefits that will naturally soothe your gut. Inspired in a time-tested recipe from the Andes Mountains of Ecuador, consumed for centuries because of it's great taste and gut-health benefits.

Improve your gut health

Waku's unique combination of botanicals will help you reduce bloating, indigestion, constipation, and other digestive issues.

The Purest Ingredients

We never use concentrates or artificial stuff. We only user the purest earth-grown ingredients that you'll taste in very sip.

Powerful Botanicals

Waku's unique blend of botanicals is inspired in the time-tested recipe of "horchata lojana" an Ecuadorian herbal tea that supports gut-health.

Every bottle has a blend of 20 herbs including:

Has a bright flavor with calming and anti-inflammatory benefits to the body and the digestive system.

Lemon Balm

Did you know lemon balm is a member of the mint family? This anti-inflammatory herb can provide benefits not only to your digestive tract, but also to your nervous system and your liver.


Lemongrass has active ingredients known to relieve pain and inflammation through their antioxidant properties.


Fennel is a great source of vitamin B-6, which can help in boosting energy & metabolism.


Chamomile is known for its soothing and anti-inflammatory properties, as it has been said to reduce acidity in the stomach and prevent nausea.

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0g sugar per Bottle

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9g suer per Bottle

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9g sugar per Bottle

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9g sugar per Bottle

Founders who care

"We've been friends since high school in Ecuador, and we've built Waku to reflect our passions and values: dream big and always move forward, build a company that can create meaningful impact in the livelihoods of thousands of Ecuadorian farmers, while bringing to the market products that help to improve the health of our customers."
-Nico Estrella & Juan Giraldo


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