Health and Wellness

  • A Waku Guide: Staying Healthy During Cold and Flu season

    A Waku Guide: Staying Healthy During Cold and Flu season

    The span of time in which the influenza virus is at its most contagious is widely referred to as “flu season.” This period generally occurs during the colder months of the year. Although the medical field has not yet identified...

  • A Waku Guide: Enjoying Fall - Activities and Ideas

    A Waku Guide: Activities and Ideas to Enjoy Fall

    One of our favorite seasons is finally here! At Waku, we love autumn. Because even though the weather starts to get chilly, there's still some warmth to it. And even though you can't see the springs’ green colors, they shift...

  • A Waku Guide: How to stick to your diet goals

    A Waku Guide: How to stick to your diet goals

    We've all had a certain goal we want to obtain, whether it's a small one like reducing the amount of carbs we consume or a more focused and prolonged one like being able to stop eating meat and all of its derivatives. We diet for a million different reasons and our objectives are constantly changing, but one thing remains constant and that is how hard it gets to stick to a specific diet or meal plan without cheating or feeling overwhelmed.

    In general, changes are hard and we don't always go for the safest option but rather the quickest one. On this blog, we are going to guide you through setting that specific dietary goal and sticking to it in the most effective and mindful way possible. But let's get something clear right away, this is in no way promoting unsafe and unhealthy diets to lose the most amount of weight in the least amount of time by doing something extreme or forcing yourself to eat something you really don't enjoy or simply stop eating at all. This guide is for you to stay focused and vibrant, it could apply to someone who wants to become a vegetarian or vegan, or even to someone who just found out they must stop eating something they used to center their meals around.

    Take a look at these tips and share this with someone who needs to hear about them!

  • Improve your Gut Health: Activities and Ideas that are not Related to Food or Diets

    Improve your Gut Health: Activities and Ideas that are not Related to Food or Diets

    Have you ever heard or felt you or someone else has had “a gut feeling”? That is because our gut can tell us whether something feels right or not, and when that gut feeling kicks in we have to take a moment and try to listen. It has been proven that most of our overall health relies on the state of our gut, and our gut does not only depend on what we eat or stop eating, but also on every activity we do, how well we are sleeping, how stressed we are feeling and even if our mood has been changing negatively.

    You’ve probably heard the term “gut health” and know that “good” gut health is desirable. But what does it really mean to have a healthy gut? It means having the right balance of tiny bacteria and other microbes in your digestive tract. Researchers are increasingly discovering ways these microorganisms contribute to overall health. Experts are now realizing that digestive, or gut, health is linked to many diseases, so keeping your digestive system on track is one way to prevent serious illness down the road.

    On this occasion, we have prepared a list of 5 activities you can start doing, doing more or doing better in order to help your gut heal and stay healthy. Take a look!

  • Healthy Habits to Increase Productivity

    Healthy Habits to Increase Productivity

    Since the pandemic started a lot of things in our lives have changed besides from being more cautious and careful with our hygiene and how we approach the different environments and people around us. The way in which we perceive time has changed and also the way in which we handle our work and personal schedules.

    We all had to adapt to new ways of communicating, interacting and working. Which is not necessarily a bad thing, but now that we are slowly getting back to normal and picking up the previous pace we had in our lives, it has gotten more difficult to find ways in which we can stay productive while avoiding stress, disorder and lack of productivity.

    Because we want you to be the best version of yourself you can be, we have prepared a list of healthy habits that will help you increase productivity in the healthiest way possible for your mind and body. Take a look!

  • A Waku Guide: How to Accomplish your Fitness Goals

    A Waku Guide: How to Accomplish your Fitness Goals

    We have all put fitness goals in our agenda at the beginning of the new year, a new month or even a new week. However, it may seem hard or simply get trickier as time moves along, we are constantly dealing with new struggles, events and unexpected changes. And even if it seems like we have time to do all the things we want to, once we actually start they all seem to take a lot more time and/or we get tired and start avoiding them. That is why, we have prepared a guide with tips that will help you accomplish your fitness goals whatever those may be and in the time and place you see convenient according to your lifestyle. Check it out!