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  • Healthy Habits to Increase Productivity

    Healthy Habits to Increase Productivity

    Since the pandemic started a lot of things in our lives have changed besides from being more cautious and careful with our hygiene and how we approach the different environments and people around us. The way in which we perceive time has changed and also the way in which we handle our work and personal schedules.

    We all had to adapt to new ways of communicating, interacting and working. Which is not necessarily a bad thing, but now that we are slowly getting back to normal and picking up the previous pace we had in our lives, it has gotten more difficult to find ways in which we can stay productive while avoiding stress, disorder and lack of productivity.

    Because we want you to be the best version of yourself you can be, we have prepared a list of healthy habits that will help you increase productivity in the healthiest way possible for your mind and body. Take a look!

  • A Waku Guide: Perfect your At-Home Workout

    A Waku Guide: Perfect your At-Home Workout

    Since the pandemic, we have learned that we can pretty much do absolutely everything and anything from the comfort of our homes. From working or going to class to even learn how to dye our own hair, we have navigated all activities and adapted them so that they can be performed indoors. One of the most important and useful tasks we took over, was working out from the comfort of our room, living room or even backyard. Even though it may seem obvious and easy like “just grab a yoga mattress and follow a routine on YouTube”, we have found (from experience) that it takes more than just the drive to do it.

    We have prepared a series of tips so that you can workout from home and do it efficiently, comfortably and most importantly… have fun! This is the Waku Guide to Perfect your At-Home Workout. Take a look!