The 5 Lessons 2021 Left Us

The 5 Lessons 2021 Left Us

Daniela Casale

A happy home is so important. We all can agree on that, right? However, we tend to forget that the most important home we have is our bodies and mind, without either we are nothing. Here at Waku, we like taking care of ourselves from the inside out, and that means that we not only drink a bottle of Waku a day, but we evaluate the bad habits that can affect our wellbeing and we try to leave them behind.


As we said: a happy home is so essential, and that includes removing habits that no longer work for us and our lovely home, and embracing those that do. So, this 2021 left us some major lessons, but for now I want you to really focus on these ones, because here at Waku, we care. We care for your overall health and most of all, your gut health, but that you know by now. 


Check out the lessons we are taking with us for this new year and why we encourage you to do it as well. 



1. Stop speaking negatively to yourself 

If you're not your own cheerleader, then who? Be your advocate, be your biggest fan, be your friend. Take care of your mind and your thoughts. The mind can heal the body, your mind has amazing powers, so stop talking negatively to yourself. In these uncertain times, your mind and your thoughts should be your ally. Learn to control them, learn to identify what serves you and what not, and you'll be golden. 


2. Set boundaries 

If anything this 2021 has made us realize that things can change up very quickly and that our time is valuable; you should be spending it with the pens you truly love. So set boundaries, don't say yes to everyone and do what your heart desires. 


3. Nourish yourself properly 

You guessed it! Nutrition and what you decide to fuel your body with has so much impact, not only on your body, but your happiness and mental health. So get those vitamins and endorphins from real, healthy, colorful food, and of course from a Waku bottle. 



4. Don't let fear guide you 

Fear has been very present these past two years. In fact, fear of uncertainty has become very common, so try to remember that fear is just a feeling, and it can be fleeting and it can vanish away. So control it, fear wont guide you if you have control of your emotions and therefore your inner feelings. 


5. Don't ignore your mental health 

And one of the most valuable lessons 2021 left us is to pay attention to out mental health. Remember, we are our minds, so take care of yourself, find a physiologist that feels right for you, start writing down your feelings, read helpful books, whatever it takes, but make your mental health a priority. 



What lessons did the past year leave you? Do any of these resonate with you? Here at Waku, we want to make you feel that we don't only take care of your gut health and digestive system, but we also care about your state of mind and wellness. So, we hope you can take in these lessons and make the best of this new year. 

The year has just started, so go out and be your healthiest and happiest version there is!

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