5 healthy habits to adopt this 2022

5 healthy habits to adopt this 2022

Daniela Casale

Just like that, another year has come and gone. January 2022 is more than just the first month of a new year, (or the month that feels the longest) it’s a chance to start fresh, rethink your approach to health, and give your life a sense of purpose.


We all start wondering about our future, our resolutions and our dreams. Most of us are already wondering “What are the best habits to start in 2022?” So, we decided to create five really doable habits for you to kick start this year in the most healthier way possible. 


Check them out! 



1. Eat less meat. Eat the rainbow 


It's time for all of us to start thinking of adopting a more plant-based diet. If going vegan or vegetarian seems like too much of a commitment right now, then try a flexitarian diet. Start consuming plants on every plate, keeping animal products like meat and cheese in supporting roles or leaving them out completely during certain meals. The benefits of the flexitarian diet include weight loss, increased longevity, and decreased risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, and cancer. The term “Eat the rainbow” basically means eating foods and vegetables from different colors, this means the fruits have different health benefits. Sounds like an amazing new habit to adopt this year, right? 



2. Nurture yourself with nature


Sometimes all you have to do to boost your mood, lower your stress, and relax is to take a walk in nature. It's that simple. So, for this 2022 try to be more at peace with yourself if you decide to go outside and enjoy nature; nowadays many people live such hectic lives that the thought of taking a walk may seem like a waste of time. Wellbeing has a strong connection with nature, so go outside, feel the sun, the breeze, the humidity and the rain. Do it so you can have a longer, healthier life. You can thank us later… 




3. Get those 8 hours of sleep. Seriously! 


Do you want to have a better mood, feel less tired, have clear skin, have more control over your appetite and live a long, healthy life? Then let 2022 be the year that you finally take control over your sleep schedule. Getting proper sleep will give you all those benefits. Do it for your loved ones, for your hormones and for your general wellbeing. 




4. Stay physically active 


We can't stress this enough! Staying physically and mentally healthy go hand in hand. Exercise not only improves your general wellbeing, but it can actually make you smarter. Working out or moving your body at least 30 minutes a day will boost endurance and you'll start to think clearer. You'll have more energy throughout the day, you'll be more creative and your mind won't feel foggy. Also, moving your body improves your mood, it reduces the level of stress and it releases serotonin, which prevents anxiety. Stay active for your body and for your mind!” You'll see how productivity improves in 2022 if you start implementing this one habit.




5. Practice gratitude everyday 


Gratitude can give you a positive perspective on life, help with your sleep, improves the digestive system and can make you feel joyful and happy almost instantly. Practicing gratitude could prevent burnout, it cultivates patience, humility and kindness. Try and do some journaling; write down the things you are grateful for and be grateful for the things that are yet to come. 


If writing is not an option for you, try verbal expression. Try saying a few gratitude sentences in the morning. Or talk to yourself in the mirror and list a few things you are truly thankful for. The universe is listening! 


Also, if you start with the habit of gratitude, all other good habits will naturally follow, because you'll feel better with yourself, more motivated and eager to be the best version of yourself. 


Do you think you'll implement one of these habits next year? We hope you do, and remember, a bottle of Waku a day keeps the doctor away. Another healthy habit to implement this 2022.




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