6 Healthy New Year's Resolutions to Make in 2022

6 Healthy New Year's Resolutions to Make in 2022

Daniela Casale

New Year’s resolutions are full of expectations and hopes. The New Year comes with the beautiful opportunity to start all over and be better and dream bigger. Common goals like eating healthier or losing weight are very common in the New year's resolutions, but there are plenty of other goals you can set in 2022 as well, like upping your sleep regimen, talking with a friend every day, or going on more walks. 



The sky's the limit and you should aim to choose resolutions that exite you, that motivate you and of course, that will improve your mental health. So, here’s a list of six healthy goals that you should consider to add this time. 


1. Spend 15 minutes in Nature Every Day


We need to be in contact with nature in order to feel happy and stress-free. We belong in nature and we must seize the opportunities we get to actually experience it. On the other hand, being in the same environment for a long time can perpetuate feelings of social isolation and leave you feeling worse. Being in nature has proven to help improve mental functioning, memory, and improve mood. 


2. Improve Emotional Awareness


Take some time each day to take notes of how you are feeling, what emotions you are experiencing, and what thoughts are going through your head. Writing down these thoughts will help you be more aware of your emotions and eventually learn to handle things more emotionally maturely. 



3. Practice body positive self-talk


The way you talk to yourself matters. This 2022 learn to reframe your thoughts about your body and the way you speak about it. Instead of, “I’m going to go on a run to burn off what I ate”, try “I’m going to go on a run because it’s great for my heart”. Respect your body, love it, cherish it and recognize all that it allows you to accomplish. 


4. Visit a family member or friend weekly


Human connection is extremely important for your mental health and wellbeing. Each week, coordinate a time to grab a cup of coffee or wine with a family member or friend who you missed, want to catch up with, or haven’t seen in some time. Humans crave connections, emotions, touch and warmth. We assure you this will improve not just your week, but someone else’s too. 



5. Designate a no-phone zone


Your time is sacred and we encourage you to respect it and try to evaluate how much time you are wasting just looking at your phone instead of doing something else that can actually improve your health. Set a physical  space where you can't see your phone for one hour and dedicate yourself to other hobbies you enjoy, like working out, reading a book, journaling, painting, etc. If your phone is within reach, it impairs cognitive performance—even if it's turned off. Try keeping your phone stashed for a while and really enjoy yourself and others. 


6. Try Something New Each Month


Who says your resolution has to be sticking to just one thing? Yoga or pilates? Cooking classes or dance lessons? Why not all of them? You'll enjoy more life by setting a goal to try something new and different each month. Start by going to a new restaurant or ordering something you have never tried. Just try and do something new and we promise you will feel more accomplished and happy. 


We do hope you try these resolutions and start feeling your best while you do them. We thrive if you thrive, so please add them to your New Year's Resolutions and keep us posted.

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