15 Superfoods that will Give you Healthy and Glowing Skin

15 Superfoods that will Give you Healthy and Glowing Skin

Doménica Palacios

It really doesn’t matter if you have to work from home or you have to leave your house every day, we are all after the same goal: get healthy and glowing skin without having to buy vitamins, expensive serums or spend hundreds of dollars on skin products.

As science advances and we learn more about the human body and its relation to diet, it has become increasingly well-known that what we eat can significantly affect the health and aging of our skin. 


Glowing Skin


When it comes to the glow of our skin, there are some vitamins to keep in mind when looking for ingredients to add to a meal plan. Make sure that the food you pick contains these:

  • - Vitamin C
  • - Vitamin A
  • - Collagen
  • - Vitamin E
  • - Vitamin D
  • - Omega 3 fatty acids


Even though a good skincare routine is essential, at Waku, we believe in the replenishing power of nature and the importance of a balanced and healthy lifestyle. That is why, on this occasion we wanted to give you a list of our top 15 super foods for glowing beautiful skin. Take a look!





1. Tomatoes


Help boost collagen and protect your skin against sun damage.



2. Green tea


Protects your skin from sun damage and aging.



3. Sweet potatoes


Turn into vitamin A in your body and provide radiant skin glow.



4. Avocados


High in healthy fats that help maintain your skin flexible and moisturized.



5. Red or yellow bell peppers


Source of beta carotene. Can help reduce the appearance of wrinkles.



6. Walnuts


Great source of essential fatty acids and rich in omega 3 and 6.



7. Salmon


Contains dimethylaminoethanol (DMAE), which protects cell membranes that protect the skin from aging.



8. Carrots


Protect you from the sun and restore damaged collagen.



9. Blueberries


Rich in antioxidant properties that help boost the strength of collagen fibers.



10. Oranges


Most common source of Vitamin C that improves skin hydration and improves wound healing.



11. Broccoli


Contains lutein, that helps protect your skin from oxidative damage.



12. Egg whites


Good source of Vitamin D.



13. Strawberries


Contain vitamins and antioxidants that help build strong collagen.



14. Almonds


One of the best sources of dairy-free calcium and Vitamin E.



15. Spinach


Has Vitamin B, which helps maintain and repair DNA.



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