By Nicolas Estrella

Winter Is Not An Excuse!

During winter many people start getting a little bit lazy when it comes to exercising and having healthy habits. Usually people exercise a lot and eat healthier in summer season, because they want to have “summer body”. Well, I know how easy is to start eating unhealthy food and doing less exercise and enter in the winter hibernation mode when it starts getting cold. But for me, this time of the year is just a great opportunity to have new habits, regarding to food and physical activity.

Some key factors I always keep in my in this season and are great for almost all people, so I would love to share them with you.


1. Exercise with a friend

Sometimes for me is very hard to find motivation to go outside and workout during winter. But something that helped me a lot is to exercise with a friend. So, buddy up! When you exercise with someone, you have the compromise to show up every day, because you know there is someone that is waiting for you.


2. Always drink water

Even though is very cold outside and you feel that you don’t sweat, it is not true! Our body always transpire and lose water through sweating, so it is very important to keep our body hydrated. Always carry a water bottle with you, even though you are not thirsty, it is more likely to drink water during the day if you have a water bottle with you.


3. Always wear clothes

Wearing proper clothes for the season, does not only mean wearing clothes that keep your body warm. Proper clothes for the season are also bright and reflective clothes.


4. Give your home a winter cleaning

When winter comes, many people experience the seasonal affective disorder, which affect your body in many ways like emotional changes, appetite changes, tiredness, and weight gain. When you have a good environment at home it will be reflected on your body. What you can do is remove unhealthy foods from your kitchen, so you won't be tempted to get comfort food if you feel down.


5. Practice indoor activities

This is the perfect opportunity to start a new hobby and do new things that you don’t practices during the year. If you don’t like cold weather, and going outside for working out is not an option. There are plenty of indoor activities you can do during winter. Going to the gym and using the treadmill, doing Pilates, doing Yoga and even watching exercise routines of YouTube, could be great options for keeping your body in shape. One of the things I loved from last year winter, was practicing Yoga! Many people think is boring activity, but believe you need to be very strong to practice it every day.


6. Keep doing what you love

If you are very athletic and exercising outside is not a problem, there are some tips for outdoor exercisers. Even though the weather is not as good as in the summer, and you can’t use shorts and light clothes, many people love running outside. Going outside and feeling the cold in all your body, makes harder for your body to warm up. So a little action before going out, will make a huge change. if you warm up inside first, when you go outside you will be already warm.


Getting active during winter is easy! Let me know if you incorporated any of these tips in your life! Don’t get in the winter hibernation mode!


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