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Waku Wellness Tea

Unsweetened Herbal Blend

We know that Waku Lemon Hint has herbal, fruity and aromatic taste, and is both tasty and healthy. But we knew that we needed something else, something to meet a different need and taste. That is why we created Waku Unsweetened, which is the same delicious, fruity and aromatic flavor of the original version, but with zero added sweeteners. Created specially for those who do not consume any sweetener in their daily life, Waku Unsweetened gives you the same refreshing taste with 0 calories. Maybe you are thinking that we just took out the organic sugar cane from the original flavor, but to maintain the great herbal taste, we actually created a new recipe based on different amounts of herbs and flowers for you to enjoy.

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What is inside?

Waku Wellness Tea - Unsweetened is a blend of more than 20 medicinal herbs and aromatic flowers that naturally soothes the body and helps the digestive system. Can you believe it? More than 20 super herbs and flowers in the same drink! To mention some of the ingredients inside: Lemon Balms, Lemon Verbena, Black Basil, Lemongrass, White Basil, Sweet Oregano, Red Root Amaranth, among many others! By the way Waku is caffeine free!

Why Citric Acid?
We use Citric Acid for two reasons: because we want to have a hint of sour taste, and because it is a natural preservative - we want your Waku to last longer!
Why Ascorbic Acid?
Ascorbic acid is Vitamin C, which works as an antioxidant to maintain the color and properties of the drink.
Why Black Carrot Extract?
We use black carrot extract because it works as natural food coloring! Blended with the reddish color of the plants we use, like escancel and red root amaranth, black carrot extract helps give Waku it's beautiful natural color.

How Does It Taste?

Waku Unsweetened has a delicious flavor, and you can definitely taste the herbs! We can describe Waku in three words as natural, refreshing and earthy.