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Maximized for gut health

Our prebiotic teas draw on centuries of Ecuadorian knowledge and biodiversity to create a deliciously refreshing brew that does wonders for your digestion.

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Putting a Modern Twist on an Ancient Tea

Every bottle of Waku is made with a powerful botanical blend that has anti-inflammatory and digestive benefits. This is a centuries-old Ecuadorian recipe locally known as "horchata lojana" that has been consumed for generations in the Andes Mountains of Ecuador because of its gut-health benefits and delicious taste. 

  • Uses ONLY the purest ingredients

    Real ingredients taste better. We use only the freshest ingredients on every bottle. We're committed to keep using the freshest ingredients, grown on small farms with respect for the land, in service to our mission of improving lives back home in Ecuador.

  • Is made with integrity in Ecuador

    We source all of our ingredients at fair-trade prices in service to our mission of improving lives back home in Ecuador. We carefully take care of every single process in our supply chain to deliver the highest quality products possible, while making a positive impact in the indigenous communities in Ecuador.

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Learn more about what makes Waku so special:

Chicory root is our source of prebiotic fiber. We include 6gr of prebiotic fiber in Waku, which is actually 25% of the daily fiber intake we should be consuming! Learn More.

Lemon grass is known for its digestive benefits, and also it´s diuretic properties. This aromatic plant has long and green leaves. Learn More.

Chamomile is great for our stomach, because of its digestive and analgesic properties. It also gives Waku a soothing and sweet taste. Learn More.

White Basil has analgesic, digestive and sedative properties. It also has a minty aroma and offer a mellow, and cooling flavor compared to other basil varieties.Learn More.

Mint has a wide variety of species, it is a plant with a delicious aroma and taste. It is known for its digestive and anti-inflammatory properties for the bodyLearn More.

Red Root Amaranth, is a red plant which gives a natural color to Waku. It has anti-inflammatory and diuretic properties for your body.Learn More.

  • Digestive Health Support

  • 6 Grams of Fiber

  • Vegan

  • Caffeine Free

  • Glutten Free

  • Keto Friendly

  • Non-GMO

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