#ThrowbackThursday: Maty Harrington on 3 Easy Tips to Start Cooking Healthier

#ThrowbackThursday: Maty Harrington on 3 Easy Tips to Start Cooking Healthier

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Have you ever tried to improve your habits to become more healthy or achieve your health goals? It's not easy, isn't it? On this episode of our Sunrise on the Inside Podcast, we talked to Maty Harrington, a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. Her passion is to help people become the healthiest version of themselves and that is why she gave us a ton of tips on how to do it.  Having overcome her own health battles, she truly believes life is meant to be enjoyed and no one should be held back from feeling comfortable in their own body.

The Sunrise on the Inside Podcast shares inspiring interviews and stories from thoughtful leaders in business, health & wellness, entrepreneurship and sports - we talk about tools, habits and tactics they use that help them feel calm, revived and rebalanced when they face challenges in life. Hosted by Nico Estrella, a serial entrepreneur, former professional soccer player and Co-founder of Waku.

In this episode in particular, she shared with us 3 easy tips on how to start cooking healthier, how to change your relationship with foods that might be giving you anxiety and more. You can find her on TikTok and Instagram as @nutritiouslyeasy or visit her website: Maty Harrington Nutrition

Maty suffered from a lot of health issues from a very young age. She even had 3 open heart surgeries before even tuning 5! And those issues followed her as she entered adolescence and later on young adulthood. Fortunately for her, her mom started to get into health and wellness so she would always be looking for natural alternatives to medicine and how to take care of her and her daughters bodies from the inside out. But after going to college all of those things were kind of forgotten for a while, so not only were Maty's eating habits getting worse, her mental and physical state also started deteriorating. 

After she decided she didn't want to live with anxiety and on the edge with food, she started doing a lot of reading and research on health, wellness, nutrition and exercise. She went back to her parents house and after her brother suggested it, she started recording her daily activities and started getting a ton of views on TikTok, which is where a lot of her first customers came from. She went viral with her series: What I'd make for lunch were she talks about what she would feed a certain celebrity as a nutritionist.

Now what we all came for… Maty Harrington's 3 Tips to Start Cooking Healthier



#ThrowbackThursday: Maty Harrington on 3 Easy Tips to Start Cooking Healthier



1. Smoothies are a great way to start:


You can prepare your favorite one with whatever fruits and veggies you like and have on hand. This works great as a first meal or even as a light dinner. All you have to do is freeze the ingredients you are going to use beforehand and then blend them all together with your preferred liquid. Ta-da! You've just made yourself a delicious and nutritious healthy beverage.



#ThrowbackThursday: Maty Harrington on 3 Easy Tips to Start Cooking Healthier



2. Meal prepping can be cool:


There are so many recipes that you can prepare beforehand on a sunday afternoon, a monday morning or whenever you have time to help you stay on track with your health goals and make your life a little bit easier. You could even just have a couple things pre-cocked, sliced, diced and/or frozen for the next time you are in a rush so that you don't feel the need to order takeout and rather cook something that will be good for you and will be done fast.



#ThrowbackThursday: Maty Harrington on 3 Easy Tips to Start Cooking Healthier



3. Be disciplined:


It's not easy and it takes time but try to be more intuitive with your body and what it needs. What foods make me feel good/relaxed/energized? Stop thinking about what supplement or special diet you need and focus on what you can do in order to improve your eating and start living on the wellness spectrum.

Did you like this blog? Let us know! And let Maty know as well. If you want, you can listen to the complete episode HERE

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