5 key takeaways from our latest Podcast: Sunrise On The Inside with Ali Levine

5 key takeaways from our latest Podcast: Sunrise On The Inside with Ali Levine

Daniela Casale

We have a new PodCast episode! 


Our Podcast called “Sunrise On The Inside” is thriving you guys, and our latest guest has an amazing story, an astounding career and a superpower. 


Keep reading to learn more about Ali Levine - Celebrity stylist and motherhood/fashion/lifestyle expert, who believes that no matter where you roam, from the laundry room to the red carpet, authenticity is your superpower and “confidence is your best accessory”.


Well, we couldn't be more in awe with this statement and to say the least, we totally agree. 



Ali Levine - on how to find your authentic self


After the arrival of her first child, daughter Amelia Rei, Levine wholeheartedly embraced the role of mompreneur/momy influencer. She is now a mama of two and shares her real, raw truth of motherhood. She is sought-after motherhood style/lifestyle expert covered by Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, NY Times, and LA Times, with design ideas featured on national network television and in print/online media outlets such as Real Simple, Pop Sugar, and FabFitFun. 


Now that you know Ali a bit better, we want to share with you the 5 key takeaways from the conversation between Nico, our CMO and Ali. Keep reading… 


It's ok to start over

Ali shares with the world her story and guess what? She had to start over many times. She had to reinvent herself, change industries, be an intern more than once, serve donuts and coffee to movie stars and work from 5 am to 11 pm everyday. 


But she worked so hard and she kept going, that other amazing opportunities rose and she became an astonishing entrepreneur. She knew how to identify great opportunities and to say yes to them; to be courageous and listen to her soul. Ali was always true to her passions and she was never afraid to start from the bottom in order to take off. 


We can also learn from Ali that we must not listen to our ego, but to our soul, our inner voice and our passions. 


Be authentic and transparent with yourself 

Ali emphasizes that job authenticity is also very important, and we can't ignore it. You must ask yourself: Why am I feeling so burnout? Why do I feel so unfulfilled? 


So if this is happening to you, start listening to yourself, start blocking any noise out there and really listen to your inner passion. We are the creator of our own life, our own reality and it is up to us to find our authentic self and an authentic job. 


Ali also recommends doing a lot of inner work, like meditation and really tapping into it, because it can really help her to be more aware of everything she feels, to find inner peace and be true to herself. 



Rest is productive

Many times we may feel so unfulfilled, tired, bored and unmotivated; we all do once in a while; therefore, Ali also suggests resting. Rest is productive, rest can give you clarity, rest can make you tap to your inner self and get to know yourself better. So, it´s time to listen to our bodies and our inner voice! 


Be intentional and change your language with yourself 

Ali shared with us that she does morning affirmations in front of the mirror and that actually has helped her to tap into her inner self and be more intentional. 


She recommends doing whatever you can do to reset your mind. This can be different for each person, but it can help you align your mind, body and spirit, which leads to being more intentional. 


According to Ali, mind, body and spirit must be aligned, they must be connected to find inner peace and divine enlightenment. 


This way, when you achieve this alignment, you will feel in your entire body when something feels off and when something feels right. Energy doesn't lie, therefore be intentional with your energy. Ali also says that we must be intentional with everything we do, we must tap our consciousness and be true to what feels good. 


And a very excellent exercise she taught us, is that we must change the way we speak to ourselves. Try changing your vocabulary in order to vibrate higher. Remember, energy doesn't lie! 


So, next time you say “I have to do this!, try switching it to “I get to do this!, and see how the energy around it starts to change. 


Confidence is your best accessory 

Ali taught us that we can all build our confidence, because confidence is being authentic with ourselves. Confidence comes when we give ourselves the time to work through our shadows, embrace them, go inwards and do the work. 


Authenticity goes hand in hand with confidence; when we are more aware of who we are, of what we want, of our boundaries, our confidence will rise. So, when we find confidence within that we can actually say “I know exactly who I am and know I am ready to show it to the world.”



Ali really emphasized that we must do the inner work and then, confidently step into that version of ourselves.


Fashion also came up. Fashion can help us get that confidence we seek; but, it is just an accessory to your authenticity. She also recalls that we must have fun with fashion, not just follow trends because it's a trend, but because you actually love it. Do what feels good for yourself.  


We hope you enjoy these 5 key takeaways of one of the most enlightened and powerful Podcasts we have ever done. You can listen to the complete episode  right here. 






You can follow Ali and her amazing lifestyle at aliLevine.com and on Instagram @AliLevineDesign


Till the next Sunrise On the Inside.. 


Bye, bye!


Photos: Courtesy of @AliLevineDesign

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