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  • Our founders - Part 1

    Our founders - Part 1

    Hi there! Welcome to the Waku Blog! A space dedicated to sharing information, ideas and cool fun facts about our company and everything related to the food industry, health, wellness and living your best life with the resources at your reach. 

    This is a very special and exciting edition because we are going to introduce one of our founders. Yes, we know you've probably already read the short bio we have listed on our website or saw a photo of one or both of them here and there. But we want you to get to know them and understand a little bit more about Waku and the human resources behind the brand that make it so fun, fresh and loving.

    Alongside this text you will find the letters “Nfw” which mean: Note From Writer. Hi! My name is Dome and I am Waku’s Social Media Specialist. Besides managing Waku’s social media and having lots of fun recording TikToks to embarrass myself, I also write all of the blogs found on our website, and today I will be leaving little notes throughout this text so that you can also get to know a little bit more about me as well and hopefully relate to my comments.

    Without further ado, here's everything you need to know about Juan, one of the (2) Waku founders: