Waku  Berries & Basil Mojito

Waku Berries & Basil Mojito

Nicolas Estrella


Waku is delicious on its own, and also as a component to dozens of delicious cocktails or mocktails, here is one recipe that we LOVE and we want to share with you!

With just six ingredients you can enjoy this delish cocktail in 10 minutes. 




- Waku Berries & Basil
- Ice cubes 🧊
- Mint
- Strawberries or blackberry slices
- White Rum (optional)
- Lemon or lime slices 🍋




  1. In a bowl put some the berries with fresh mint and some Waku. Crush it with a muddler or a fork to release the juice and the oil from the mint and the strawberries.


  1. In a glass add: ice cubes + strawberries or blackberry slices + Waku Berries & Basil + rum (optional). ⠀


  1. Mix the Waku, ice and rum with the crushed mint and the fruit and mix it together.


  1. Enjoy it!

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