By Doménica Palacios

The Ultimate Summer Blueberry Sangria

Summer is one of our favorite seasons, and that is why we chose it as the perfect time to release one of our favorite flavors: Blueberry! This new and limited seasonal flavor is refreshing, sweet and delicious. Perfect to mix it up and prepare the best cocktails to enjoy at a barbecue, the pool or a game night with friends.

On this occasion, we have prepared our version of one of the most popular drinks to enjoy during the summer: sangria. Prepared with easy-to-find ingredients and a cold bottle of Blueberry Waku, this drink balances out the sweetness, fruitiness and freshness of what one could expect from a fancy cocktail that must be served cold. Keep reading to know how to prepare this masterpiece!



The Ultimate Summer Blueberry Sangria



You will need:


  • - A bottle of red wine (we recommend cabernet sauvignon)
  • - An orange, lemon and green apple diced in triangular shape
  • - One cup of orange juice
  • - A bottle of Blueberry Waku
  • - 7Up (to the taste, no more than 500ml)

How to prepare:


First chop all the fruit, while you do it make sure the bottle of Waku stays in the fridge so that when you pour it, it's cold. Secondly, place all of the diced fruit into a glass jar. Then, pour the bottle of wine and add a cup of fresh orange juice. Pour the bottle of Blueberry Waku and finish it up with a touch of 7Up. This last ingredient will manage the sweetness, so if you want your sangria sweeter just pour more of the soda or less if you don't want it that sweet.



The Ultimate Summer Blueberry Sangria



And you're done! Stir everything together and serve it carefully with a big spoon to avoid spilling the liquid and to place some fruit in every cup, decorate with a slice of orange and enjoy!




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