By Daniela Casale

Where Does Waku Come From?

As you know, we work with the most purest ingredients out there. We carefully select the super herbs to create amazing, gut-healing tonics and there are no concentrates or artificial flavors added o our Waku bottles. But have you ever wonder where does every ingredient we use in our product comes from? 


Keep reading to learn more... 


Ecuador: the center of the world 


There is a magical place right in the middle of the world called Ecuador, known for its biodiversity and amazing landscapes. It is a small country in South America right on the equator, where you can be in a hot and humid jungle, on a warm coast or the chilly and windy Andean Mountains within a six hour drive! Then, in only a 90 minute flight, you can be in the Galapagos Islands. This incredible biodiversity makes Ecuador one of the most exceptional place in the whole world.



The Andes Mountains


The Andean Region of Ecuador, also known as Highlands, is characterized by its active volcanoes, great biodiversity, and amazing weather. In the Andean region of Ecuador, there is a small town called Chuquiribamba, located in the southern part of Ecuador in a province called Loja, which is known for its culture, people and for being a combination of highland, cloud forest, and jungle. Sounds like something you could only see in the movies, right? 





The truth is, agriculture is a fundamental sector of Ecuador's economy. The country is a large producer of fresh fruits and vegetables, supplying a major part of the world's demand for bananas, wheat, rice, maize, and other various crops.


And now, thanks to Waku you are tasting the most purest ingredientes ever directly sourced from the Andes Mountains, the herbs are directly brewed to the bottles in small batches to ensure quality and taste.







By consuming a bottle of Waku a day, you are taking care of your gut-health, while helping to improve the livelihoods of thousands of farmers in Ecuador! We want to share with the world the amazing superfoods Ecuador has to offer and create a lot of impact on the local economy.



Sit back, enjoy the ride and taste the delicious flavors Waku and Ecuador has to offer. 


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