By Hannah Kim

7 Ways to Reduce Bloating: Quick Tips

Kick bloating in the gut with these quick tips!


We’ve all experienced bloating at one point or another. Abdominal bloating is when your abdomen feels really full and tight -- kind of like a balloon that’s about to burst. Why exactly does this happen? Bloating is typically caused by gas somewhere in your gastrointestinal tract and can make your belly look a lot bigger than it normally does, and make it feel painful or overly sensitive to touch. Usually, bloating will resolve itself if you experience it after a meal. There are, however, ways to speed up the recovery process. 


First, let’s explore the common causes of bloating. These causes may include digestive issues (i.e. food intolerances and allergies, backed up bowel movements, and excess gas), diet (consuming too much salt, sugar, or carbonated beverages and not getting enough fiber in your diet), and hormonal changes (e.g. before and during a period). There are quick and simple fixes to a bloated belly -- some are easy enough to do from your home!


  • Getting good exercise


Sometimes, going for a walk can get the digestive system up and running. Going on a short walk can actually help relieve some excess gas and give you fast relief from that uncomfortable bloating. 


You can also try doing certain yoga poses to encourage the release of excess gas. Some good yoga poses for reducing bloating include: Child’s Pose, Happy Baby Pose, and squats. 


  • Capsules


Peppermint oil capsules can be super helpful for indigestion related gas. People with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) typically take peppermint capsules as a treatment for their symptoms, but someone without IBS can use them to release excess gas and relieve bloating. The peppermint oil will help relax your intestinal muscles, allowing gas to move along more efficiently and help reduce that bloated belly!


Another good gas relief-related pill to invest in would be a simethicone pill. These gas relief capsules will help move any excess gas and air out of your digestive system, but of course -- speak to your doctor before taking simethicone. 


  • Abdominal self care


Massaging the abdomen, using essential oils, and taking a warm bubble bath can actually help reduce bloating! 


A massage can really help get the intestinal muscles moving. First, you should place your hands just above your hips. Next, rub your hands in a circular motion with light pressure up towards your ribcage. Then, rub your belly area straight across toward your left rib cage, moving slowly down towards the left of your hips. Finally, repeat! If at any time the massage causes you more pain than good, stop immediately. 


A study from 2016 shows that supplements containing fennel and curcumin essential oils helped 116 people with mild to moderate IBS feel an improvement in their symptoms including excessive bloating. 


The heat from a warm bubble bath can actually help relieve a sore abdomen. Relaxation will calm any increased stress levels and allow your GI tract to function better. 


Of course, there are better, more long-term ways at relieving bloating and abdominal inflammation. You can try increasing your fiber intake, replacing your carbonated beverages with water, avoiding chewing gum, cutting down on salt, and consuming more probiotics.


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