7 Easy Habits to Help Reduce Bloating

7 Easy Habits to Help Reduce Bloating

Nicolas Estrella

 1. Cut down on salt and salty foods!

Salt is a great way to bring out the flavor in foods you cook. Don’t skip the salt altogether, your body needs some. But even good things are harmful in large quantities. Think about the foods you normally eat, think about if the sodium levels are unusually high, and adjust what you eat accordingly.

  • Your body holds more water.
  • Especially in the morning.
  • Watch for salt content in pre-packaged foods.
  • Your body needs sodium and chloride ions. When you buy salt at the store, check to make sure it has these important nutrients you need.
2. Chew your food
  • The less you chew your food, the more distressed your esophagus and stomach are. The most common reasons for extra bloating are tied to your stomach and gut.
  • Bonus: The more you chew your food, the more you can savor it and the easier it is for your body to get all of the nutrients out of the food. Hello happy body!
3. Avoid straws
  • Adding more air into your stomach puts more strain on both your stomach and intestines. Drinking from straws can make you drink faster, and gulping down your drink is a sure way to carry air into your stomach.
  • Similarly, sipping your drink can also load your stomach with air, as most of what you swallow will be air. Be conscious of how you are drinking, and try to fill your stomach with food rather than air.

4. Eat more foods with pro and prebiotics

5. Drink smarter, not harder

  • Avoid carbonated drinks, especially when you eat.
  • Go for tea, bonus points for gut healthy recipes like waku or chamomile tea.
6. Make sure you’re getting enough fiber
  • It will contribute to gut health.
  • Helps your body get the most out of nutrients.
7. Take care of your gut

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