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Right in the middle of the world

There is a magical place right in the middle of the world called Ecuador, known for its biodiversity and amazing landscapes. It is a small country in South America right in the equator, where you can be in a hot and humid jungle, in a warm coast or in the chilly and windy andean mountains within a six hours drive! Then, in only a 1h30 flight, you can be in the Galapagos Islands. This great biodiversity, makes Ecuador a unique place in the whole world

The Andes Mountains

The Andean Region of Ecuador known also as Highlands, is characterized for its active volcanoes, great biodiversity and amazing weather. In the Andean region of Ecuador there is a small town called Chuquiribamba, located in the southern part of Ecuador in a province called Loja, which is known for its culture, people and for being a combination of highland, cloud forest, and jungle

Chuquiribamba is a small town where most of the streets are narrow and are surrounded by beautiful nature. Chuquiribamba´s temperature usually goes around the 46 and 59 degrees everyday. Is the perfect place to cultivate and grow a wide variety of organic herbs and flowers because of its good weather and rich soil. It has less than 3.000 habitants, which almost all of them are farmers and hardworking people who love and live from the nature

In this region there is an ancient tradition known as ¨horchata lojana¨ that has been passed down through generations to the present, which is a vivid-red natural herbal wellness tea. The popularity of this beverage in the Ecuadorian culture lies on its medicinal benefits that soothe the digestive system

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