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Waku Wellness Tea

Waku Ginger and Lemon

There was one ingredient that caught our attention a while ago, not only because of its taste, but also, because it has amazing properties for the body. Ginger! Did you know that ginger has anti inflammatory properties, is great for relieving muscle pain and it helps your heart? It took us a couple of months to develop an amazing formula that keep the original taste from all the herbs and flowers, and also could add a different flavor to our wellness tea. We knew that ginger has a strong flavor, this is why we decided to mix it with lemon, so it can have a smooth taste from both. Mixing both ingredients gave us the flavor we wanted, it was perfect, we created a fantastic taste!

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What is inside?

Waku Ginger and Lemon is herbal wellness tea is a blend of more than 20 medicinal herbs and aromatic flowers with a hint of natural lemon juice and a slightly touch of ginger. Can you believe it? More than 20 super herbs and flowers in the same drink!

To mention some of them: Mint, Escancel, Flower mix of Roses, Violets, and Carnation, Spearmint, White Malva, Red Root Amaranth, Chamomile, Lemon Balms, Lemon Verbena, Lemongrass, White Basil, Black Basil, Fennel, Malva Escense, Flaxseed, Ginger, Apple Geranium, Congona, Starflower, Burnet and Sweet Oregano.

Why Citric Acid?
We use Citric Acid for two reasons, the first one because we want to have a hint of sour taste, and also because we want that Waku last longer. Citric acid is a natural preservative.
Why Ascorbic Acid?
We use ascorbic acid because it is vitamin C, which works as an antioxidant to maintain the color and properties of the drink.
Why Black Carrot Extract?
We use black carrot extract because it works a natural food coloring, besides the reddish color of the plants we use like escancel and red root amaranth, black carrot extract also helps Waku to have the beautiful natural color it has.

How Does It Taste

Waku Ginger and lemon has a fruity, more lemony and slightly spicy sweet taste. You will definitely taste all the herbs and flowers from Waku with a little twist! We would describe this flavor as lemony, herbie and spicy sweet taste!