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Story Behind

Looking for the original and best tasting recipe:

On January 2017, Waku founders Juan and Nico went on a road trip throughout the Andes Mountains in Ecuador, looking for the ancient recipe of “horchata lojana” - an herbal wellness tea. After three days traveling to the southern andean region of Ecuador, passing through more than 20 different towns, and trying more than 50 different type of recipes of the herbal wellness tea, they finally found the one they fell in love with.

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What is inside?

Believe it or not, Waku wellness tea - Hint of Lemon is a blend of more than 20 medicinal herbs and aromatic flowers that naturally soothes the body and helps the digestive system. Can you believe it? More than 20 super herbs and flowers in the same drink! To mention some of the ingredients inside: Mint, Roses, Violet, Carnation, Spearmint, Red Root Amaranth, Chamomile, Lemon Balms, among many others. By the way Waku is caffeine free!

Why Citric Acid?
We use Citric Acid for two reasons: because we want to have a hint of sour taste, and because it is a natural preservative - we want your Waku to last longer!
Why Ascorbic Acid?
Ascorbic acid is Vitamin C, which works as an antioxidant to maintain the color and properties of the drink.
Why Black Carrot Extract?
We use black carrot extract because it works as natural food coloring! Blended with the reddish color of the plants we use, like escancel and red root amaranth, black carrot extract helps give Waku it's beautiful natural color.

How Does It Taste

This refreshing wellness tea taste fruity and aromatic, accented with a hint of lemon and the perfect amount of sweetness. It tastes so much better when it is chilled - to refresh you on a warm and sunny day, or to bring wellness to your body in the middle of winter. Any time and any weather, Waku is perfect beverage!