The Quali-tea of Mint

The Quali-tea of Mint

“Waku is made with a blend of 20 herbs and flowers.” At Waku, we know this mantra inside and out. But what are these 20 super herbs and flowers that make Waku more than just your typical, mystery “health” drink? Let us enlighten you with the power of one of them: MINT.


We can all agree that mint can be refreshing, tasty and very scented, right? It can be the perfect twist for your Friday night cocktail or it can be the flavor you need in order to calm down and go to sleep every night. Mint sure has the ability to be versatile and surprise you.


But hold on, what we are about to tell you about mint will blow your mind even more. Here at Waku, we put a lot of focus on gut-health and spend our time researching the types of ingredients that keep your gut in tip-top shape. Well we found that one of the many, many properties mint has, is to relieve indigestion and stomach infections, which you can try for yourself by tasting Waku - a five star drink!



Keep reading to learn about the amazing, outstanding and unbelievable benefits mint has; and remember, you are a bottle of Waku away from experiencing them all.


No more indigestion!


Mint leaves are anti-inflammatory (yay), which helps reduce any inflammation in your stomach and relieves indigestion. No more bloating, honey!


Boosts your immune system


Mint leaves are rich in phosphorus, calcium and vitamin C, D, E and A, the perfect allies to improve the body’s immune system. Mint also benefits your cells, protecting them from any damage and reducing the risk of chronic illness.




Keeps your mouth and teeth naturally healthy


Have you noticed that most toothpaste has mint? Well, that's because of mint's antibacterial properties. This herb protects your teeth by killing bacteria and as a bonus also beats bad breath.


No more sickness and nausea


Mint is a great remedy to treat nausea associated with morning sickness. Since it helps so much with digestion, nausea gets kicked out of the picture as well. Any expecting mothers over here?


Say hello to acne-free skin!


Due to its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, mint soothes and calms your skin. Also, these tiny, amazing leaves contain salicylic acid, which according to Health Line is a beta hydroxy acid, well-known for reducing acne by exfoliating the skin and keeping pores clear.



 No more colds in changing seasons


Are you someone that gets a cold easily? Well, mint will help you clear the congestion from your nose, throat and lungs while relieving the irritation caused by coughing. Medical News Today actually described mint as “an aromatic decongestant that might help to break up phlegm and mucus, making it easier to expel.” Therefore, no more colds in changing seasons. Score!


Mint-away the stress


Due to its adaptogenic properties, the aroma of mint will keep you stress-free. Mint-based essential oils are used extensively in aromatherapy for its very soothing, pleasant scent! 



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