The Quali-tea of Chamomile

The Quali-tea of Chamomile

“Waku is made with a blend of 20 herbs and flowers.” At Waku, we know this mantra inside and out. But what are  these 20 super herbs and flowers that make Waku more than just your typical, mystery “health” drink?


One of our many herbs and flowers is the chamomile flower. Chamomile isn’t just the tea your grandmother puts on to help you get some rest, its flower power goes way beyond just peace and serenity! We put a lot of focus on gut-health and spend our time researching the types of ingredients that keep your gut in tip-top shape. Chamomile not only soothes your mind for a good night’s sleep, its soothing and anti-inflammatory properties help reduce stomach acidity and prevent nausea. Even more, there are other potential benefits of chamomile that make Waku the all-star drink it is!


No more period cramps!


A 2010 study found that consuming chamomile tea for a month helped reduce menstrual cramps. The women in the study reported that they had less anxiety and distress typically associated with menstrual pain. Building chamomile into your diet by sipping on your favorite variety of Waku is an easy practice of self-care when you need it most!


No more insomnia!


Maybe your Grandmother was onto something. Chamomile tea is widely known to help people relax and fall/stay asleep! One study in particular showed that 10 of the 12 cardiovascular patients had fallen asleep shortly after drinking chamomile tea. Some researchers even believe that chamomile tea can be used as a benzodiazepine, a prescription drug that helps reduce anxiety and encourage a healthier sleep pattern. 


No more common cold!


Essential oils of chamomile are used extensively in aromatherapy. Some studies suggest that inhaling the steam of chamomile extract can actually relieve cold symptoms! 


No more eczema!


A study conducted in 1987 found that applying chamomile extract directly to a wound accelerated the healing process. A few studies since then have found that ointments containing chamomile actually helped soothe eczema and other mild skin conditions. While we’re going to advise against pouring Waku on your skin, the chamomile in your favorite drink could inspire you to try out a new natural remedy!


No more cancer?


Some studies suggest that the consumption of chamomile tea may actually target cancer cells or prevent cancer cells from developing. A study conducted in 2012 compared the cancer-fighting properties of marigold and chamomile teas. Although the effects of marigold tea were stronger, both were able to target cancer tumors


Obviously, more research and studies need to be done in order to perfect the magical properties of chamomile tea. The bottom line is, chamomile is a great addition to a person’s diet. Besides its comforting taste and an aroma that sets a tranquil tone, chamomile tea is easy to prepare, easy to drink, and most importantly--easy to stomach. Try a blend of chamomile and other natural herbs and flowers in your next bottle of Waku, today. 


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